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01-24-02 11:21
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This thread is to take a look at the anestetic properties
of chloretone.  It is not regulated and it a local
anesthetic. It comes from the Chloral Hydrate family of
drugs.  It is a CNS depressant and is frequently used in
ketamine solutions as a preservative.  It is also used in
epiderals as a preservative.  The idea is to cut meth
with a fast acting local anesthetic so that when it is
inhaled it will not cause a burning sensation.  Look
at Cocain, it is an anesthetic so snorting it is not an
issue.  Chloretone can be cheaply bought from any of the
net's Bee friendly chem shops.  Has anyone tried this?
How effective would cocain deritives bee?  Would they
be effective in small doses and bee fast acting?
Please share your experiences and check my
website ../rhodium for synthesis notes on chloretone
but its very cheap to purchace plus it can bee used & abused
on it's own. 


Also, I would like to point out PlastyK's overall
lameness and homosexual tendinces he has so faithfully
shown over the years in alt.drugs.chemistry

( Menthol_Man Snickers... im just teasin rock on Plasty K )

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01-24-02 12:38
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WTF - Note that this is Methol_Man and not me posting...
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01-24-02 12:41
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Chloretone is about as much fun to eat as isopropyl alcohol is to drink! Major hang over, no euphoria. Smells just about as good as tiger balm, except it leaves you with a headache after breathing the smell. Very hard to gag down, disgusting to snort (and I've seen people snort NaGHB, so when I say disgusting to snort, I really do mean it). You're doing a bad job of impersonating Rhodium! smile
01-24-02 15:52
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Question I have is WHY are you impersonating Rhodium?

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01-24-02 17:28
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just make sure the straw goes all the wya to the back of your nostril and you bypass all the nerve endings. KISS
01-24-02 18:43
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From the very first post i read of m_m i had a deep suspicion gnawin at the ole belly, now he proves me absolutely 100% right in listenin to my gut. He is indeed the biggest idiot seen round these parts in some time.
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01-24-02 19:10
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dchef: believe altair, superior idiots are easily found, TFSE

this was then what now
01-25-02 11:08
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Yeah, but I like the burn!!!!!!!!!!! So do most tweekers! But I'm interested in manipulating this chlortone into something else. Send me some more info. I'm into the anesthetics. What about pure Diphenhydramine. It will numb your tongue just like coke and its everywhere! Let me know ------cool

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01-27-02 11:53
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Just Menthol_man beein funny.  I KNOW everybody fell for it
for at least a minute or two... even Rhodium I bet! ha ha ha
Seriously a good choice would bee lidocane probally.
Any cocain derivitve would bee a decent place to start.
But anyway Menthol_man just wanted some attention and his
hive box was EMPTY!!! Im sooo neglected... I think im going
to join a gang now.  At least the WINGNUTS has Menthol love.
MAD shoutout to the blued nose bunch wink  Later.