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01-29-02 07:54
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Sorry dudes, but I'm way out the back of bumfuck once again, and have no access to other research materials. Where/what/why etc. would I theoretically (of course) obtain qty's of this chem?

I see a couple of obvious sol'ns, but are they viable? thanks !!!!!!!!................


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01-29-02 12:15
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I guess you're so far out of touch that you never read Post 13988 (Rhodium: "It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!", Chemicals & Equipment) frown
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01-29-02 14:06
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I think that was a slam. And I think that he is looking for information like this.
What you seek is commonly used to treat stainless steal I think the process is called pasification. This is a heavy duty oxydizer watch it. It is known to be used to make drugs. You will have to find it your self should not be too hard now that you know who uses it meteal finishing shops are all over the place start a new one in your bumfucking side of the planet....
Good luck

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01-29-02 16:56
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Potassium Dichromate (Bichromate of Potash) is used as a water based chemical stain for wood finishing !

Potassium Dichromate can be easily turned into sodium dichromate !

One day I'll understand everything !
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01-30-02 23:57
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Lugh, U R A WANKER, OK!!..
(nb. Any further slams and we will work out somewhere to meet and discuss it in private MF, do U understand bitch?)

People if I make a request pointing out that I require assistance - I mean that I have used my limited access to this rescource & others with no result - pls do not treat me as a newbee, fuckwit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mad

You actually catch more flies with SHIT than with Honey!!