Sektor7G (Stranger)
02-01-02 04:28
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I was just reading up on a few  A/B extracts, and i ran across a DMT extract from Phalarii grass. So i started searching for the grass on the net but couldnt find any companys that carried it. Is this stuff even sold commercialy? or should i go looking in the woods?:)
(Hive Bee)
02-01-02 04:44
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Search harder "Nuclear Plant worker"wink They still carry it and as low as $100/kg (seeds)

Chemically enhanced.
(Hive Bee)
02-01-02 09:28
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Look at the ethobotanical websites. It has the word shaaman in the address if I remember correctly. You could get ounces of seeds for twenty bucks and live plant for the same.
02-02-02 01:53
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I bought a live Phalaris Arundinacea turkey red strain
off of the Internet for $20.00.
It grew all summer long outside in big containers and
from that was derived lots of enjoyment.
Now in the winter I have some of those plants
growing under a big lightbulb in the basement.
Keeping the light on for 24 hours produces continuous
and very rapid growth.
02-10-02 05:06
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yeah- the grass is used as an ornimental... dont see much use in an extraction tho, as 5 meo can be easily obtained thru a vendor of research chemicals... without the HUGE pain of growing/extracting
02-11-02 22:37
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Actually its not much of a pain to grow OR extract, and I for one happen to enjoy doing both. The Basement Shaman BTW is no longer in biz( is it forbidden to post dead, unavailable sources?) I know I could just BUY it but than what would I do all weekend?(beesides jack off) Anywayz  it cost less to do it yersELF!

BTW whats that shit ( 5MEO) goin for now ?
last time I checked it was about as much as COCAINE. Kind of expensive considering I could seed my entire front and back lawn wit daGRASS for the price of an 8ball......The neighbors would never have a clue and you could actually ENJOY mowing the lawn from now on.

I wore out my welcome with random precision....
03-05-02 05:15
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Yeah---I have the stuff growing in the yard and under
the big bulb in the basement.
Getting pure crystals in petri plates.
Um Um.
The problem is with working with large amounts of the
grass and doing the ol A/B water extraction.
Lots of water requires lots of extraction solvent.
Perhaps an alcohol extraction on the dried material
would be good and then from that you could do an acid
water extraction.
I'll have to try that.