menthol_man (Hive Bee)
02-06-02 21:33
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I have 10 Phenobarbital tabs (64.8mg each)
I know you cant easily compare it to another class
in this case being a benzo.

BUT.... Wow much phenobarbital would bee like a valium 5mg?

How much phenobarbital should a new user take to 'get off'

Seig Heil Uber Allies !
(Chief Bee)
02-06-02 22:23
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Try two, that should be the closest. Do not combine with alcohol!
02-07-02 09:58
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Take two tabs to equal effects of 5mg valium, but the effects of that barb are cumlative. In other words 4 tabs will feel like 15mg valium.
Two of any pill has never hurt me and being the dope head I am I usually take
02-08-02 07:58
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From what I hear, throw it down with a couple beers, it'll make ya feel gooooood,  gooooooood (cartman and kenny).

Oh, wait, phenobarb, not barb.  Uh, maybe really goooood.

I hear that the ghb/pheno/4 tequila shot/5mg xanax/oxycontin is a great mix.  Hell, then wash it down with a few beers and spam.................fsdakw9j[[[[[[[[[[,mda'ow0r03  bout lost it thar...