Mrdipwad (Stranger)
02-08-02 15:46
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Hi bees

This is tecnetium- who can no longer use her log in. I was wondering if anyone has tried the synth described at Rhodium's page involving reaction BzClMg and acetonitrile to yeild P2P? [url=../rhodium/chemistry /phenylacetone.html]
The description sounds pretty straight forward and swim was just wondering if anyone could provide and extra tips or information regarding this reaction before swim heads down into her celler to experiment.

Thanks in advance
(Chief Bee)
02-08-02 15:55
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Yes, it has been tested, and with subsequent NaBH4 reductive amination of the P2P with methylamine, the yield was 60%, so the P2P yield should be higher. UTFSE.