siri (Stranger)
02-08-02 18:14
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Does anyone know what is used in European cut to add the smell/flavors european heroin has? In the States heroin smells acrid and acetic, which is heroin´s true smell but in Europe I came across a spicy caramel like odor and flavor quite unlike what I am used to in the States, This must be from the cut! Does anyone know what it is?
(Distinctive Doe)
02-08-02 19:42
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It could very well bee synthetic heroin(fentanyl) which would be almost all cut, thus the very diferent properties.

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(Hive Bee)
02-08-02 21:39
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no, it's not: Post 213018 (hypo: "Re: dancesafe testing results", General Discourse)
but i wondered about that taste myself. i would call it "earthy".
(Stoni's sexual toy)
02-09-02 00:19
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I like my heroin with chocolate taste. Vanilla and strawberry aren't bad either.

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