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02-09-02 02:38
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Where could one go about getting a good solvent pump, like for Acetone, for cheap?  Could any standard water pumps dupe for a solvent pump? I was thinking of a cooling system with acetone and dry ice.
(Hive Bee)
02-09-02 07:30
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Most solvents have a low boiling point. Why do you even need a solvent pump? Just remove your solvent without a pump. If you really want one though, get a cheap one. Swim got one off of that famous online auction place, E**Y. Twenty bucks. Pulls 20"hg. Diaphram pump no oil great for solvents. Pm me if you need some more details.

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02-09-02 11:04
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he's talking about a recirculating pump.

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02-09-02 12:25
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Yeah, for running through the condenser....  I could try a water pump but i'm not sure if it'll handle it. Anyone tried this B4? Anyone know where I could get a cheap solvent pump anyhow? I'd appreciate it.
(Hive Bee)
02-09-02 12:33
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You shouldn't have been sleeping or you would have seen it jackass.
(Hive Bee)
02-10-02 06:50
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Oops, swim fells kinda stupid now.crazycrazy

We'll soon FIND OUT if I'm a chemist or not!
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02-11-02 16:59
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What do you need such a strong coolant for? Ice water will do for most of the 'standard' reactions discussed here.

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02-11-02 21:17
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I think it was mentioned for condensation of MeAM, perhaps using dry ice?

(Distinctive Doe)
02-12-02 05:52
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Use a less harsh solvent and more pumps will most likely work.

Dry-Ice Bath Based on Ethylene Glycol Mixtures
J. Chem. Educ. 2000 77 629.

Bath mixtures of ethanol and ethylene glycol in dry ice produce sustainable constant temperatures over the range from -12 to -78 C, which show a linear relationship between the bath temperature and the volume fraction of ethylene glycol. Our bath is less toxic than previously reported mixtures of ortho- and meta-xylene, and our mixture does not intractably solidify as will dry ice slurries of xylenes. Moreover, the cost of this mixture is less than that of the xylene mixtures.

For this dry ice bath its a linear relationship,the bath temperaure rises linearly based on volume fraction of ethylene glycol.
100% Ethanol(A) = -78C
100% Ethylene glycol(B) = -12C

Temp of Bath(C)=((B/(A + B))*(-66C)) - 12C
A and B are the respective volumes

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