dust4us (Stranger)
02-08-02 18:08
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my friend had some pills with 2mg egrot and 60mg caffaine. my friend wonder how would take the egrot away and isolate it? Thanks in advance.
(Hive Bee)
02-09-02 03:47
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2mg ?? usual it's 30-60microgram
But with a collum it's not a problem.
02-09-02 12:11
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so how should i do it. I have no past work with egrot but i think it can be fun                                        
(Distinctive Doe)
02-09-02 12:21
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buy a book on column chromatography

Stay Informed (http://www.mapinc.org/)
(Master Searcher)
02-09-02 13:30
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I found two used books with a title similar to this.  You can find plenty of them in the library, especially, a chemistry library.  They go into detail with TLC, column chromatography, etc.  GET IT?  THE LIBRARY!!!  THE LIBRARY!!!


(Hive Bee)
02-10-02 00:25
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your freind better have lots and lots of pills, or else the only thing theyd be good for is headaches.
Although i must add that 2mg is probably the largest amount of ergotamine youll ever see in Cafergot type pills.