Vibrating_Lights (Hive Bee)
02-10-02 01:46
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If one were to have some freshly distilled, weighed freebase in a recieving flask,  could one not simply add the equimolar ammount of 38%Hcl  then stir under vaccume to induce crystylazation with further desication of the product.
02-10-02 02:31
No 267569
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Some parts of your freebase will certainly not like you and leave.
You will need a solvent to dilute your acids in, to safely form your salts. LT/

(Hive Addict)
02-10-02 02:41
No 267573
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Have the freebase in a non-polar, extract with acidic water (until pH 4), then boil off the water. Don't add concentrated HCl to your freebase.
(Hive Bee)
02-10-02 02:48
No 267578
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Those md s that make the red colors Lt_
Ether is the choice.
Terbium you were right.
Ice bath on the gassing flask ensures 0 solubility of the HCL salt.