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02-10-02 08:26
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guys,i`m still working on my little dmt project and looking for some more information en refs. i`m would like to know more about pyrolyses/destillation of the quartenarry ammoniumchloride salt and does any body have any experience
with this route,its the first route in pikhal page 412,
at the and i will a let you know about my little private project and will wright it all down ,o.k hear from you!laughlaughwink
02-10-02 17:02
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an other question about this shulgin synthesis the pyrolyses part says to use a "hard" vacuum,howmuch is a "hard" vacuum and can you use a waterjetpump for that or do you need a professional high vacuumpump to reach the needed pyrolyses temperature of 245-250C,i d`t the first part of the synthesis,tryptamine + iodomethane in 2-propanol and my first rum gave a yield of 92% of that of the shulgin yield,5.45 gram while shulgin got 6.03 gram not bat for a first run. o.k hear from yousmilelaughwink
02-10-02 19:36
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That's a brute force method... Hard vacuum means oil pump vacuum. This will probably yield charcoal if done under water pump pressure.

Alternative methods to affect dequaternization are:
- boiling with triethanolamine (or was it ethanolamine?)
- or LiAlH4 treatment.

UTFSE for previous posts on this here in the tryptamine forum.

It would be great if somebody could test the (tri)-ethanolamine route on substituted tryptamines smile [hint]
(Pioneer Researcher)
02-10-02 19:41
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Ethanolamine, a really interesting research but no news till now. Rhodium posted the reference.