Drayen (Stranger)
02-11-02 06:30
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ok this is my actual first post on this fine board BUT i think it's an interesting idea.

now i've gathered much of my info from anecdotes so this is PURELY theoretical but i would like some of u chem geniouses to comment on this.

ok now try and follow me on this.
if u do an non-polar extraction(with say isopropanol) on some good bud then u can end up with a large percentage of (mainly)pure THC.
now, i'm thinking that the THC u extract will be in the form of a freebase. which could then be converted into an HCl salt.

i'm not sure if this could be useful for any psychoactive purposes, but i think that if u can turn it into an HCl salt then u could insuffate it much like meth or coke.

any comments?
(Old P2P Cook)
02-11-02 06:41
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You should be posting in the Newbee forum or, better yet, the Couch.

THC does not have an amino group. It is not basic and does not exist as either a freebase or a salt.