Dazza (Stranger)
02-12-02 21:13
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... i didn't know you could get hydroiodic acid by reacting iodine with phosphoric acid!, but according to this document u can-
../rhodium/chemistry /mmda.txt

cuz phosphoric acid is alot more available that red phosphorus!
(Chief Bee)
02-12-02 23:03
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Read again. The document proposes to generate HI and phosphoric acid from iodine and red P, so your assumption is way off.
02-13-02 21:17
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oh... damn
well i went back and reread it and it still looks like it says that you can do it that way-

"For this you will need to generate HI. You can do this either by dripping
dH2O onto RP/I2, or phosphoric acid onto I2."
(Chief Bee)
02-13-02 21:20
No 269248
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OK, then the error is in the main text. You can make 57% HI by distilling a mixture of dilute phosphoric acid and KI or NaI.