Vibrating_Lights (Hive Bee)
02-13-02 02:34
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Swim heard of a man and a recent gassing run in ether.  crystals began to spew from the gas tube then the solution turned a brownish color.  at thatpoint cloudy bubbles were coming out of the ether.  Coould it be that the rxn between  NaCl And the H2SO4 boiled the residual water anf the drying tube did not have a chance to dry it.  the crystals that formed initialy dissolved when the solution went brown.  the man added h20 to the ether and the ether was clear again.  was the drying tube not adequate.  the bottom layer did not taste too much of acid and kind of yummy.
(Hive Bee)
02-13-02 03:53
No 268872
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sounds like overgassing

(Hive Bee)
02-13-02 09:32
No 268998
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Evaporation of the water yeilded red crystals.