TranceMe (Hive Bee)
02-18-02 04:38
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Inspired on Timsong's "30% H2SO4" I'm here asking how can I concentrate 67% Nitric to say, 96-98%

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02-18-02 06:43
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I can't think of any reason why you would need nitric acid of this concentration for use in drug synthesis.
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02-18-02 11:22
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By distillation with a dehydrating agent (H2SO4). UTFSE.

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02-18-02 22:28
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hi tranceme,

to do that mix 1 volume of your 67% HNO3 with 2 volumes of concentrated H2SO4 (caution! drip the sulfuric into the nitric NOT the other way, except you like that stuff in your face) and then destill off HNO3 up to 90 or 95 C (temperature destillation head). you will get fuming HNO3 of 95 -100% concentration. dont use cork in your destillation setup.