cheeseboy (Hive Bee)
02-19-02 07:02
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Can you get high right away from injecting LSD intraveinously?  Cheese always wondered that. im would be like eating or snorting. but iv?? curious. acid's a wierd one.

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(Chief Bee)
02-19-02 08:05
No 271482
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Sure it would work, but it seems a little unnecessary to increase the onset speed - it is fast enough as it is, with no need to increase the risks associated with IV use.
(Pioneer Researcher)
02-21-02 22:15
No 271576
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I did it a lot of years ago, you change from your normal state to a intense LSD trip in less that one minute. It was not bad, but did'nt try it again.
(Hive Bee)
02-21-02 23:02
No 271599
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Sounds invigorating!! Cheese always did HATE the onset LSD produced.

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