bluemoon (Stranger)
02-19-02 11:25
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possibly chlorobutanol??

What else might this non-consumable be used for. 

And where oh where could it beeeeeeee?  Oh where oh where has swim's little EAB gone, oh where of where could it beeeeeee.
Thankyou, no really, please sit down, thankyou, yes, alright.

Anyhow, recipes?-swim knows.  Swim's lazy.  Swim wants premade.  Swim is under the assumption that this may just be legal, Swim don't like breakin laws.  And, Swim doesn't know swim's butt from a hole in the ground, so any info for swim 'bout this possible cleaning agent, degreaser, astringent, who knows, would be kindly appreciated.

By the way.  Swim UTFSE, UFGOOGLE, UFEVERYOTHERENGINE, no find other than erowid, which doesn't tell swim anything.

Thanks in advance...Bl
(Hive Addict)
02-21-02 20:42
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Chlorobutanol is a waste of time and money, buy it if you want to feel really sick and stink like camphor.

Ethyl 4-Acetoxybutanoate sounds like close GHB relative, fun-fun-fun-fun. I'd personally react it with one equiv of NaOH and then go ahead and distill it... that's only because I like butyrolactone and none of the analogues are nearly as fun! (except for 4-hydroxybutanoic acid)
(Chief Bee)
02-21-02 20:47
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Ethyl 4-Acetoxybutanoate with bioassay and synthesis is available at my page under the GHB heading.

Chromic: Have you tried it, and didn't find it interesting? What about the muscle relaxant properties?
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02-22-02 00:13
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No, I haven't tried ethyl 4-acetoxybutanoate (but I imagine it's like a time-released GBL from what I've read). I think it would be a waste of acetic anhydride to try and synth that. (I don't have any lying around, but I suppose making the ethyl ester would be easy enough for me to try)

I have tried chlorbutol, one of my first synth's actually. The muscle relaxant properties were mild, but more like a body-drunk sort of feeling. At high dosages it was just nasty and provided a really, really bad hangover. I find the smell very disagreeable now. I wonder if chloral hydrate would have been any better (anyone wish to comment?)
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02-24-02 18:58
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So, back to the question of digesting GHB analogues... has anyone dreamed of eating plain ethyl GHB or ethyl 4-acetoxy-ghb?

Rhodium, I've read Post 238780 (Rhodium: "Re: Why GHB", General Discourse), but I can't make out if you once tried it in an alter-life?