nevry (Stranger)
02-21-02 13:35
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hello, this is my first post here, although i have been watching for a little bit. Anyway my question concerns the decomposition and isomerzation of LSD. As far as i know there exist 4 main isomers of LSD:

d-LSD - the good stuff
l-LSD - "lumi-LSD", water or alcohol can add to LSD in the
pesence of light
d-iso-LSD - the amide group is bumped over(happens in basic conditions)
l-iso-LSD - ...

(note: the above information came from shulgin's synth)

What happens to LSD in when heated/at what temp does this happen?
how can l/iso-LSD be converted to LSD?
do all the rules that apply to LSD apply to lysergic acid?(i'm guessing yes, but i want to be shure)
if so, the why do many synths tell you to heat/reflux lysergic acid/LSD?(ie: shulgin's synth heats ET to 75dC)
does l/iso-LSD need to be extracted before conversion?
how does l/iso-LSD act in a column as compaired to LSD?

thanks for any help!(i know these questions are pretty basic...)

- nevry.