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02-21-02 22:27
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      Making Ag(s) from AGNO3 and NaOH ?  Bookmark   

Is it possible to Make Ag(s) from (a diluted solution of) AGNO3 and (a fairly diluted solution of) NaOH ?

I'm asking this because we have some AgNO3 in school.


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02-21-02 22:49
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Add aluminum metal and heat it, and you'll get silver metal. But it'll be a fine powder black powder of Ag...
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02-22-02 03:44
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      Re: Making Ag(s) from AGNO3 and NaOH ?  Bookmark   

For an easier filterable 'grey' powder add Zn and HCl.

Silver isn't very valuable at all, it's not really worth converting the silver nitrate into the metal.

You want to use that AgNO3 to make money?
Arctic Silver, the goo all the overclockers put between their processors and heatsinks and pay a fortune for contains 50% or so of AgO. I've seen it on sale for 15-20$/3g.

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02-22-02 07:02
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      Re: Making Ag(s) from AGNO3 and NaOH ?  Bookmark   

    Silver nitrate is useful for analyzing samples of halogen anions(Cl-, Br-, etc.) and other anions as well that silver forms insoluble salts with. Other than that all you will be doing by hitting up that bottle from school is ripping them off for no reason.
    It would be more productive to make honey and sell it, not that SWIM advocates anything illegal. Just a simple comparison of which illegal act would be a better one...