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02-22-02 09:06
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Swim was in the hardware store the other day and he was in the pluming section, Swim saw this stuff called PVC priming fluid and it was a red colour.
On the bottle it said, PVC priming fluid 1000ml/L Methyl Ethyl Ketone.
Now swim needs to know is this the right stuff or dose ot have to bee distiled first to remove to red or what ever it is, Also it smelled like IPA.
Were swim lives in OZ he hasent seen any MEK, So he was wondering if this stuff can bee used.crazy

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02-22-02 12:18
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That seems to be pure MEK except it contains some dye. You have to distill it to remove the red dye.

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02-23-02 01:01
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u could add an oil layer and see if u could extract some of the die out of it.  although on second thoughts - that probably won't work.

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02-23-02 03:58
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Look in the paint section around the tone...SWIM sees MEK there all the time.

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02-23-02 06:08
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That too probably wont be 100% pure MEK either.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.....
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02-23-02 07:34
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That too probably wont be 100% pure MEK either.
I don't know about elsewhere but in the US it will be pure.
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02-23-02 07:40
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What would someone use methyl ethyl ketone for?

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02-23-02 08:31
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Fiberglass resin solvent, paint thinner, or general all around solvent...electronics solvent too...for dissolving flux...no not fuc*s ;-)  Pyrex out....P.S.- PVC primer ISN'T pure MEK almost all brands contain tetrahydrofuran along with the MEK...And you'll likely have a bit** of a time seperating the two by distilling or extracting it....better off acquiring it as MEK from chem supplier or paint store.  Good Luck  Pyrex out of solvent
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02-23-02 10:55
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Swim hasent seen any MEK in the paint section, If your an OZ bee and have seen MEK in the hard ware store nere the acetone, If your not an OZ bee fuck off and dont send swim or other people on a wiled goose chase.tongue

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02-23-02 14:22
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You'd be better off not telling the bees that you want to help you, to fuck off!
What do you want MEK for in particular? Surely you could just use another solvent if it's just for washes etc. Otherwise if you need it specifically it can be bought legally in some shops. I know of a shop in our first state that has it lab grade for those walking in off the street. But for most purposes other then a reagent it is not necessary.

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02-23-02 15:43
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boat builders, fibre glass supplies they also stock other good supplies.

go to a medium size boat store and ask questions to price a job, don't make shit up, just get prices

plan to do a glassing job, draw a box for storing something or a funny shape fountain/rock feature whatever, draw it out on paper then go costing it up.

ask about gel coat, glass weights, sanding, bogging, painting, cleaning ask heaps of questions and take info and prices off the now bored sales assistant.

its a dry run, you learn more about what they say is good to get.

take your notes and go to boat builder (with crispy cash kaching) and get the bits you "still need to get" from them.

when you buy industrial grade by the drum, its about $$$ and often there acetone, mek, dcm is a lot cleaner because larger more focussed suppliers move big units and arn't in the business of charging heaps for old shitty incorrectly (but fancy) packaged retail sized red herrings.

remember you know nothing, so why would you specifically ask for a certain chemical. just ask away till you strike some friendly bugger you tells you what you need.

nb: they buy the drums, you buy a couple of litres.

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02-24-02 11:14
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Holey shit, Were the fuck have you been cebo.laugh
Swim hasent seen you or any of your posts by you for a long time now,Been a busy bee huh.
Any way swim needs MEK for fibre glassing, Gonzos nitromethane AL/hgtongue.
You know that sort of thing.shocked

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