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02-22-02 02:14
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A local zine detailed on manufacture of the illicit substance Methamphetamine HCl via a reduction procedure using Hydrogen Gas. The procedure went something like this:

Ephedrine (or pseudo) was extracted, purified, etc, and then dissolved in d-H20 in a double-necked flask. 33% HCl acid was placed into single neck flask. Magnesium ribbon (with oxidative cover scraped off) was added to single-neck flask, and cap added, with a tube extending into double-neck flask, the emerging end slightly submerged into the ephedrine solution. Single-neck flask was heated gently to produce Hydrogen Gas, which ran up the tube and bubbled through ephedrine solution, and was then slowly emitted from uncapped side of double-neck flask.
Methamphetamine was extracted from the solution appropriately.

Now, not even being at the level of a novice chemist or even simple theorist my opinion is hardly worth note on such matters, but I do not believe this would work from what I have read on the subject of Methamphetamine product.

Now here is my question: why? If all that needs to be done is the Oxygen bond replaced with a Hydrogen, i.e reduction of ephedrine, why does Hydrogen gas not work as a reducing agent, and ephedrine's direct exposure to it, (through whichever method one might choose) produce Methamphetamine?

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02-22-02 03:32
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You need a catalyst for this reaction. Like Pd/C. And a different solvent, I don't think that water will work very well.

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02-22-02 12:45
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Based on some experience, reading, and testimony, the following is burped forth:

1.  you are right it won't work.

2.  Osmoidium is right, a catalyst would be needed.

3.  Pd is preferred, Urushibara a should but have not heard from anybody who has tried

4.  Acid conditions, like pH 2 or so, preferred.

5.  MeOH or EtOH preferred: do not know why...??

6.  Yields will suck at normal pressure, be about 50% or so in EtOH @ 60 PSI, and should be bitchin' at 500 PSI or so...