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02-23-02 07:34
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I was recently considering the synthesis of DMT myself and seeing as how someone in here has to know how i would appreciate a little help. I'm not exactly the best chemist but here goes.
The recipe i have says to mix 1.6 g (0.01) of tryptamine with 36 ml anhydrous alcohol. Then add 6 g methyl iodide and 5.4 anyhdrous sodium bicarbonate to the solution. Reflux in hot water bath for 5 hours, rapidly suction filter it to form precipitate. It then says to reduce further to crystalize more trimethyl-B-3-indolyethyl-ammonium iodide.
Next i'm supposed to put .05 moles of this in 25 ml of absolute alcohol and reflux for 3 hours with 7.2 g of silver chloride. Rapidly filter and mix residue with anhydrous alcohol and boil and filter again. Evaporate under reduced pressure, and set for 24 hours to crystalize the trimethyl-B-3-indolyethyl-ammonium chloride. Then i'm supposed to heat this to 250 degrees Celsius to leave a foaming reddish brown substance in the boiling flask.

1) Anhydrous and absolute alcohol are the same thing right? I know that its not supposed to have water being anhydrous but i was wandering why the author would use the two terms interchangeably. Would 196 proof liquor work? Could i distill this to make it 200 proof liquor? Would that work?
2)What would be the easiest way to get methyl iodide (iodomethane)?
3)Would normal baking soda work in place of the anhydrous sodium bicarbonate?
4)How hot should reflux the solution forming the trimethyl-B-3-indolyethyl-ammonium iodide?
5)I am having a hard time also finding a good chemical supplier. I found silver chloride gel for 7.95 per 2 oz. but i'm 99% sure thats not what i need. Anny suggestions.
6)How do i crystilize the DMT out of the last step?

IF THERE is an easier method than this because of ease of obtaining chemicals or because of some other factor please let me know.

02-23-02 07:45
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I thought that it has been shown that it is not possible to make DMT via methyl iodide. At least it seems that the one posted by drone has been debunked.
02-23-02 08:27
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Here are some professional refs for the authentication of this procedure but i am always open to new ideas.

Hoshino 1936
Wieland 1934
Manske 1931 see chem. abs. 52: 14083

Also described by Otto Snow in his book.

02-23-02 23:57
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see my post on DMT synthesis 1 to 4,i have used this methode with sodiumcabonate and failed because i could not stir properly and everything can out of the condenser,so i used the route tryptamine 10 gram in 100 ml isopropylalcohol and 30 gram methyliodide and stir this for 12 h(see Tikhal 412) is works fine,then i used ethanolamine  wich gave me a high yield,10 gram quart. ammoniumsalt gave 5.3 gram raw DMT.
02-24-02 00:17
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In Post 271643 (urushibara: "Variation on TiHKAL synth", Tryptamine Chemistry) you said :

the yield is not high,82 grams of tryptamine makes 23.1 grams of DMT

That is almost half what you claim on this thread, which is true?

Also, did you know methiodide is carcinogenic? Well, suspected carcinogen: here's some info on toxicity from

*TOXICITY: (abbreviations)
   typ. dose       mode     specie     amount       unit      other
        LDLo        orl        rat        150      mg/kg
        LDLo        ihl        rat       3790    ppm/15M
        LDLo        skn        rat        800      mg/kg
        LDLo        scu        rat        150      mg/kg
        LDLo        ihl        mus       5000   mg/m3/1H
        LD50        scu        mus        110      mg/kg

*AQTX/TLM96: Not available

 THR:  High via oral, inhal, sc; moderate via dermal routes.
 A strong narcotic and anesthetic.  An experimental (+) neoplastigen.

  Tumorigenic Data:
    TDLo: scu-rat   50 mg/kg
    TDLo: ipr-mus   44 mg/kg/8W-I
  Review: IARC Cancer Review: Animal Limited Evidence
          IARC: Not classifiable as a human carcinogen (Group 3) {610}
  Status: EPA Carcinogen Assessment Group {610}
          ACGIH suspected human carcinogen {610}

I wouldn't want to breath any of that stuff personally.

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03-07-02 03:52
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Is the DMT high much different/better from the smokable 5MEO high?

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03-12-02 05:47
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Have you got a surprise comin...

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Sidearm n. Flask neck tube.
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A birch related surprise halfapintwink
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03-24-02 11:24
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Would normal baking soda work in place of the anhydrous sodium bicarbonate?

Just put your baking soda on a sheet of tinfoil on a pan.  Bake it in the oven at 225 for about an hour. 

We need new drugs.
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03-28-02 20:28
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I hope that helps.
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