Lilienthal (Moderator)
02-23-02 11:50
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I really like the Tryptamine forum becoming such active wink.

But I would also like to suggest all of you to adhere to some basic principles before posting your ideas and question (also written down in Post 177849 (LaBTop: "FIRST READ for MEMBERS new and old!", Newbee Forum)):

Especially: please use the Search engine. I see questions popping up which have already answered one week ago... And much of the recent ideas have been extensively discussed in the past!

Second: Read your basic chemistry book before posting (or post your questions to the newbee forum).

And: It wouldn't hurt you and help readers a lot if you could structure your postings and keep them short and simple. It would be much more appealing to me to sacrifice my rare time for answers if I feel you've done your part before.

Hey, and welcome here at the Tryptamine forum! smile
(Hive Bee)
02-23-02 12:00
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Are you ever planning on updating your Pharacological References? I have a printed bound copy of your 5th edition, and think it to be immensly useful.
02-23-02 19:57
No 272759
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The Hive-integrated version is waiting for completion since one and a half years... The data has been imported, only the index structure has to be set up. And of course the accessing software has to be updated to the current Hive software and made more comfortable...