PrimoPyro (Hive Prodigy)
02-26-02 04:03
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      Diazotization of Carboxylic Amides?  Bookmark   

Please forgive me, I admit I am just pulling this straight out of nowhere, and I have no evidence that this would work, but I wonder if it has been done, and I don't have the knowledge to determine if it is possible or not.

Is it possible to diazotize carboxylic amides with organic nitrites? Specifically, what about diazotizing acetamide with benzyl nitrite, or benzyl chloride, acetamide, and sodium nitrite?

Can this be done? If the carbonyl gets in the way, what about acetalating it with ethylene glycol and catalytic acid, then reacting it?

This would be pretty cool if its possible. smile


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