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02-26-02 17:32
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Ok. im not sure if i even spelled that right, but awhile back SWIM swallowed about 10-11 motion sickness pills. And he had a surprisingly good trip, so he said. He noticed that the main thing in it, is Dramamine. Is there a way to go about seperateing the Dramamine from everything else in the pills?

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02-26-02 20:03
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It is a mix of two compounds.

I would suggest finding something with only diphenhydramine because this is what you are tripping on, I THINK.

Check out diphenhydramine and dramamine here

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02-26-02 22:09
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Gravol- active ingredient, dipenhydramine.Correct . Have fun, and don't talk to strangers whiles trippin' , cause they really arent there!!

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02-26-02 23:32
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hope your friend enjoyed it, because odds are he'll never be able to trip on it again without massive amounts of stimulants, and even then he'll still pass out on it.  Diphenhydramine will make you hallucinate off your ass the first time you take it, but after that one time it knocks you out cold.

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02-27-02 10:12
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Combine it with DXM(only) and you will stay awake.  Amazing trip, too.  Take a little less of both than normal.  They both have a BAD impact on the brain (supposedly less if used together) if used anywhere near frequently.  DXM is the worst of the disassociates and should only be used like 6x's a year and Diphehydramine is worse.  Like 4x's a year, maximum.
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03-14-02 15:40
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Bad, I ate 12 (a box) of those before.  It was a fucked up high.  I was seeing nonexistant things that looked too real to bee fake.  It was hard to distinguish hallucinations from real objects.  It also gave me an uncomfortable feeling that I felt like I had to get rid of.  A dumb ass friend of mine at the time ate 4 entire boxes of the stuff(48 pills).  After walking into someone's house that he did not know, getting his ass kicked by the guy that lived there, getting arrested, getting his stomach pumped(which was probably not necessary), and acting strange for a while longer than intended, he was alright.