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oO_sPeNdInG_LiFe_aLwAyS_sEaRChInG_fOr_tHeE_AnSwEr_yEt_nEvEr_KnOwInG_tHeE_QuEsTiOn_Oo -UNKNOWN
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I think the easiest synthesis of safrole itself would be to methylenate allylcatechol with DCM and an optional phase transfer catalyst, such as tetrabutylammonium chloride.

../rhodium/chemistry /eugenol2safrol.html
../rhodium/chemistry /isoeugenol.txt
../rhodium/chemistry /guest.eugenol.txt
../rhodium/chemistry /safrole.eugenol.txt

You could of course start from the eugenol itself, but if you wanted the shortest easiest synthesis, methylenation of allylcatechol would be easier than allylation of benzodioxole I think.

If you are going to demethylate eugenol, I would test other demethylation catalysts such as aniline hydrochloride, instead of opting for the pyridine.

Good luck and report your yields! smile

P.S. Thanks lugh!


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03-01-02 02:45
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Find an Essential Oils dealer online, and buck up!

Not sure you know what you are trying to say though. sassafras oil is usually not synthed, safrole is extracted from various volatile oils such as Sassafras Albidum, Ylang Ylang, etc.However safrole can be 'synthed' from eugenol (eucalyptus oil?)Too much work..... But the good safrole is the actual pre-cursor desired.
 Some synths call for isosafrole, some just safrole. Isosafrole is a result of isomerization with a base like KOH.

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../rhodium/chemistry /oxone.epoxidation.html

We'll soon FIND OUT if I'm a chemist or not!
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This thread should have been relocked after my post! laugh

cheese: yes, you can too synthesize safrole, and people do it as well. Why? Sassafras oil is not available for some people, and they must synthesize it. Also, perhaps he was curious about the synthesis, and thus purchasing the prebuilt molecule does him no good. He did not ask where to buy it, he asked for ideas regarding its synthesis.

pickler: That has absolutely nothing to do with synthesizing safrole. In order to perform that reaction, one must already have safrole.


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