ChemicalSolution (Hive Bee)
03-02-02 06:40
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      p2p from ephedrine derivitives--?  Bookmark   

Any real world expirience with this procedure?

ephedrine (PPA) + H2SO4/ZnCl2 ------> P2P
(Chief Bee)
03-02-02 09:05
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I don't know of anyone from around here who have tried that experiment. Bee the first to do!
(Hive Bee)
03-03-02 06:42
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In the paper, the free base is added to the 75% H2SO4 (BTW, is this 75% by weight of volume?). 

At 125C, steam is passed into the mixture to 'facilitate mixing of the contents.'

SWIM sure doens't mean to sound stupid.. But wouldn't you expect the solution to already be homogenous?  Or is it the 1g of ZnCl2 that needs to be dissolved?

Also, what kind of stirring is best for this one?

(Hive Addict)
07-17-02 14:38
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      A Way Around Some Gaks ?  Bookmark   

This method of producing p2p from (psuedo)ephedrine etc may also be a way around some gaks.

The p2p when isolated can then be converted in to amphetamine or methamphetamine.

I've got nothing to do today but smile !