WrobsterCraws (Stranger)
03-02-02 19:44
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Does anyone know what the best way of storing AMT.  I was thinking about storing it in a high proof liqour to keep it from degrading but im not sure if the liqour could possibly react with the AMT.  I have room mates who do not want me storing it in the freezer so i need to find a good way to store it at room temp. 

One other question i have is on AMT and drug testing.  Since it is the tryptamine analogue of amphetamine could it possibly show up on drug tests as amphetamine?  Also, does anyone know roughly how long amt stays in your system?  I have a test coming up and need to know if i should be worried about this.

(Chief Bee)
03-02-02 19:50
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Protect the powder from heat, air and moisture, and it will keep for several years at room temp. It is unlikely that it would show up on any drug test, but search Erowid.org on that topic before you believe me.