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03-04-02 12:27
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I looked in my aromatic textbook and found the method you are referring to:
toluene + sulfuryl chloride + dibenzoylperoxide benzAL chloride
benzAL chloride + sodium hydroxide benzaldehyde.
This sounds messy. How would it be done in practice?
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03-04-02 12:56
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I do not know about that synthesis, but have you seen

../rhodium/chemistry /benzylchloride.html

The last entry, chlorination of toluene with calcium hypochlorite, can be tweaked to give the same benzal chloride given in your synthesis.


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03-04-02 17:28
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Yeah i saw that when i was using TFSE
I have been unable to locate the patent though
this sounds like more of a hive bee sort of thing to do
im more a newbee so i'll prolly just get straight benz for 1st time
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03-04-02 17:56
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Have you read Patent US1280612 ?

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03-04-02 20:26
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If you need benzaldehyde from toluene then UTFSE with my nickname (look for thread called New old amph synth).There you will find all details.In short it`s toluene and MnO2

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03-05-02 02:22
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The patents I posted in this thread use toluene and MnO2.
Post 208702 (Antoncho: "The easiest synth of benzaldehyde from toluene", Chemistry Discourse)
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03-05-02 09:00
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Benzh from benzyl alcohol in DMSO with dichromate and H2SO4 is easy, takes an hour and a half and the chemicals can easily be obtained OTC from non-science-non-chemical sources.

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03-05-02 15:19
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Chlorox + tetrabutylammonium bromide (TBAB) also gives benzaldehydes from benzyl alcohols in high yield (see my page).