Vlad (The Inhaler)
03-05-02 06:59
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SWIVV have been writing down a lot of my temperature readings, ice bath temperatures, exact times. Please help me conclude a hypothesis involving heat and temperature of the redp/I2 reaction, using these data calculations. SWIVV have obtained the emperical data, now it just needs to be calculated.

1 g of ice measuring -15 degrees celcius in an ice bath, thats used to cool down the flask if the reaction is getting going to fast; is heated until it is converted to water vapor at 120 degrees celcius. What is the total energy change in the ice?

I am building my own themometer, in a way which is better suited for my purpose. I order to properly calibrate it, I need to know the answer for the following data I collected.
I had 700ml water in a three kneck flask, it absorbs 20 kJ of heat. What temperature should the water be?

10 kJ of heat is added to 100ml of water in a beaker, and 10 kJ of heat is added to 250ml in another beaker. What should the correct the temperature change be in each beaker?

I am trying out a new method to produce sodium metal, in small amounts safely. Please can someone calculate the enthalpy change for the vaporization of 2g of sodium metal, given the fact I know that the molar heat of vaporization for sodium metal is 101kJ/mol.

Much thanks and respect to anyone who can do these calculations.
(Chief Bee)
03-05-02 07:54
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Sounds very much like you don't want to do your homework yourself...