kdickk (Stranger)
03-06-02 10:27
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Can someone tell us the best way to store red phosphorus? Will elements in the environment of someone's house turn it bad? What about light? Thanks for your help.
(Chief Bee)
03-06-02 12:20
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Light is no problem, but air/moisture is. Keep it in a tightly closed container.
(Hive Bee)
03-06-02 15:14
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Swim wraps a bit of epsom salts in a tissue and sticks that in with her phos` in an airtight container.
Im not sure if this helps her in any way,but she swears by it,

If only the bitch could produce some good gear,Id start to believe her.
03-07-02 10:45
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Those vacum seal bags make for  good airtight storage.
The ones that have the valve you hook up to your vacum cleaner and suck the air out of them. Walgreens has them
(Hive Bee / Eraser)
03-10-02 08:08
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careful you don't suck up your rp too shocked

the devil is so lonelymad