Tricky (Stranger)
03-09-02 02:26
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      One more dream of P2Ps OTC synth.  Bookmark   

SWIM has long-standing dream about reduction of P2NPs with H2S to PhCH2CNHCH3(imine) and hydrolysis the latter to suitable P2Ps in acidic solution.

This idea came to SWIM after his working with reduction rxns of P2NP with Fe/HCl and CrCl2.

So, Swim has dreaming of this:
To solution of P2NP and Na2S*9H2O in ethanol with heating and stirring will slowly add excess of GAA...
Or what about bubbling H2S gas through the solution of P2NP in Ethanol/GAA???

I think it one should be so:
1. Na2S + 2CH3COOH __> H2S + 2CH3COONa
2. P2NP + 3H2S __> PhCH2CNHCH3 + 2H2O + 3S
3. PhCH2CNHCH3 + CH3COOH + H2O __> P2P + CH3COONH4
Summary:P2NP + 3Na2S + 7CH3COOH __> P2P + 5H2O + 3S + CH3COONH4 + 6CH3COONa

or P2NP + 3H2S + CH3COOH __> P2P + H2O + 3S + CH3COONH4

What bees think of this? May it be so or it's only my crazy dreams? smile

And it's sad, but already SWIM has no possibility to make this rxn frown, but hopes, someotherbee will do it sometimes, if it's possible...

Matrix... may tricks?
(Official Hive Translator)
03-09-02 06:25
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      Re: One more dream of P2Ps OTC synth.  Bookmark   

This seems like an excellent idea!

Indeed, does anyone know what will happen if one dropped some nitropropene into a refluxing alcoholic NH42S?

This is the classic rxn - this way granddaddy Zinin first obtained aniline from nitrobenzene. Of course,it seems a bit strange/suspicious as to why noone used this method bee4, but still intriguing - the reduction would obviously take place, only it is unclear in which direction.

Does anyone know?


P.S. 'eyyy, Tricky, it's been a while since you have been 'roundwink Glad to see you!wink