pickler (Greenhorn)
03-10-02 01:21
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Swim picked up some coke and it was pink. Now swim has heard of pink coke before, but this is the first time he has seen. Now the coke is real, swim can assure you of this, but swim was wondering why the coke is actually pink. Any ideas? Swimwas thinking maybe it has something to do with the processing of it. Wo knows, but if any bee knows anything about this please share.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Junior Service Representative)
03-10-02 02:05
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Some type of high grade coke, if I'm not mistaken, supposedly has a pink hue to it.  Only seen shades of white and yellow in these parts...

(Hive Bee)
03-10-02 04:46
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Swim told me of some pick gear before.She said that it had been cut with novocaine.
Swim talks a lot of shit though at times.
(Hive Bee / Eraser)
03-10-02 08:05
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the most common cut used on coke(at least round these parts) is procaine.  it's a baby laxitive and it gives the coke a brownish/orangeish tint/hue.  fukin bunch of shite it is!!!  the procaine actually aides in the whole numbing effect also and that's why it's such a good cut,  but you'll know when you get some and do a half gram cause after a while you'll start getting the shitesshocked  jetson used to get some high quality shite and it had a rainbow kinda sheen to the bigger pieces.  the pink could have something to do with ether being used in the end processes jetson has heard....

the devil is so lonelymad
03-10-02 09:09
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The pink color can result from improperly washed cocaine adsorbing moisture from the air, and hydrolyzing frown