bucockey (Hive Bee)
03-10-02 22:12
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      ok to vac distill to evap np?  Bookmark   

SWIMS doing an acid/base extraction with mimosa hostilis root bark and is using rosonol naphta as his non-polar.

what is the general consensus on using a vacuum distillation set-up for the final evaporation of the solvent?
The idea would be to use really gentle heat but with a vacuum so as to get the solvent to come over and not heat up the alkaloids...
this way MOST (not all) of the solvent gets recovered and the last bit (with the goods) could go in the fridge to start some crystalization, then be pulled out and set at room temperature in a box with some damp-rid for the final bit)
Swims concearned that there will be a decrease in yeild if some of the good stuff gets carried over with the evaporating solvent under a vacuum...

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(Distinctive Doe)
03-11-02 16:02
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That should bee fine. 
But is DMT really that heat sensitive?  I don't think it is.
What temp does the naphtha boil at?

I think your A/B will work better with toluene.  Meaning toluene will extract the DMT faster and more efficiently.  Thats just a guess but it is so for many other "relatively" similar compounds. 

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03-11-02 16:12
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No, DMT is not that heat sensitive. And you can't distill it over under your conditions (water pump vacuum / waterbath / solvent around).