Antoncho (Official Hive Translator)
03-11-02 08:43
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Oh ye, my beeloved brethren!

There's a question - alas, as yet purely theoretical - that confuses SWIM's mind lately. Namely, he has some photographic product that is called EDTA disodium salt.

Can it bee used as a substitute for plain EDTA (for Knoevenagel condensation of p-dMeO-BA w/MeNO2) hoping that acetic acid would convert it to free acid anyway?

Or would it bee more wise to convert it to its free form first - but how? SWIM would imagine that EDTA is pretty water-soluble. Can it bee xtracted w/a non-polar or isolated in some other way?

Can it bee air-dried? is it stable to air?

Thank ye in advance for all yer input,

(Old P2P Cook)
03-11-02 08:59
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Methinks that you are confusing EDA (ethylenediamine) which can be used as the Knoevenagel condensation catalyst and EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) which cannot.
(Official Hive Translator)
03-11-02 12:07
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Yep, Terbium, you're right - a pure brainfart on my behalfblushblushblush

Ethylenediamine diacetate, not ethylenediammonium tetraacetic acidfrown

Not a slightest resemblance or hope to convert between the twofrown Sorry...