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03-12-02 17:18
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I read this on a note attached to a shooting star falling in my yard:

Benzoin (alpha-hydroxy-alpha-phenylacetophenone) is the active ingredient in certain kinds of Indian incense and burning the incense is said to promote healthy hair.

Benzoin plus formamide followed by acid (or base) hydrolysis followed by red P and iodine yields Benzphetamine (alpha-phenyl-PEA).  Benzoin plus MeOH and MeN02 and HgCl2 and aluminum foil followed by red P and iodine yields benzmethphetamine.

My Indian friend at works swears benzoin is good for you and has been used medicinally for 3000 years.

Any thoughts?

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03-12-02 17:29
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No, that is not correct, benzphetamine is N-benzyl-methamphetamine, and not a benzoin derivative.
03-12-02 17:43
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If you are correct, then I did not mean benzphetamine.
I meant alpha,beta-diphenylethanamine and
N-methyl-alpha,beta-diphenylethanamine.  I could have sworn I read somewhere that those compounds are psychoactive.
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03-12-02 17:53
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Aha - the N,N-dimethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine analog is called Lephetamine, and is a stinulant and opioid at the same time. There is another thread discussing that subject right now, search for "lephetamine".
03-14-02 16:41
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The search engine didn't come up with any matches.  What is the post number?

Is lefetamine scheduled in the U.S.?  If so, which schedule?

Is lefetamine any good? 

I can get benzoin essential oil for $4/ounce.
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03-14-02 16:52
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Post 281000 (Sympatho: "Opiates causing stimulantion?", General Discourse)

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03-15-02 03:52
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Benzion essential oil has very little actual benzoin, don't think its a good source

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01-21-03 10:20
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Benzoin is available outside chemical supply stores as a specialist ingredient in home soap manufacture.

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01-23-03 00:06
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That's interesting, I've been using the oil myself; dripping a little onto a hot lampshade, or putting a dab here and there. It's quite pleasant, it seems to have something in common with vanilla. At least to my nose.