Sektor7G (Newbee)
03-13-02 16:41
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SWIM was wandering if there is any kinda special photography permit or anything you have, to order some photo chems's in the USA? SWIM has never took a class on photography, but know's his way around the darkroom. Would it be ok for this darkroom to be at SWIM'S house?

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(Hive Bee)
03-13-02 17:00
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Photo chems do not require any permits most of the time.  Knologe of the uses are needed.  Yes it would ok in the house if u know what u are doing.  .... Wrong forummad

03-14-02 01:40
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My puppy Fido sez do not tell chem supply houses that your lab (photo that IS!) is in your house.  Most suppliers do not like to deliver to residential addresses.  Fido heap big photographer but all he ever gets is pics of noses and butts.  shocked
(Hive Addict)
03-17-02 09:45
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I'm sure that their are limits on quantities at residences....  

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