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03-13-02 19:59
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Hey bees!  SWIM has UTFSE and read all related items at rhodium's site, and thinks he's ready to experiment, but for a couple questions...

SWIM happens to have some permanganate laying around, but no bromates or chromates so...
Question #1: Anyone have a reason this won't work?

C4H8O(aq)+ KMnO4(aq)+ H2O2 ---> C4H6O2 + H2O + K2O + MnO2

Or must I get more complicated?  ie. add alumina(what for?), other oxidizers, or reduce my KMnO4 to Mn2O7 with H2SO4 as SpicyBrown suggested.

Question #2: Do I have the products right?  I'm just guessing what the K and Mn ions will do.

Thanks bees in advance.
I'll post a results write up if anyone cares to see it.wink

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03-14-02 11:59
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Bring it on!