menthol_man (Hive Bee)
03-14-02 20:16
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      SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

SWIM would like to open up a chem co.
Do you guys think that SWIM could make good money
through mail order glassware, scales, etc?
What would you bees out there buy?  SWIM figures
its easy to explain a lot of stuff if you sell it
for a living laugh  Probally going to sell it on
an internet auction site.  Let me know your input and

Seig Heil Uber Allies !
(Hive Prodigy)
03-14-02 20:33
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1.If you want to open a chem company, go for it! But only do so as a legitamate private enterprise, not for any clandestine hidden agenda. That is how most people go to jail. frown Do not divert chemicals. It does not work.

2.If you still wish to go after this desire, thats awesome, you can really make a lot of money by becoming a chemical supplier, just like running any business by yourself. More power to ya.

I would start by setting up your business licence for whatever city and state you are going to operate in, and checking with your local county courthouse to find out all the rules and regulations and necessary things you will need. There is so much to consider when starting a chem business, it can be overwhelming. I know, because Ive often thought about starting my own small business, and have checked into what I would need to do so here.

Call around some larger chemical suppliers, and ask what they require to become a distributor. Find out all that they want you to have to be certified to carry their product line. Then accomplish all these steps. Make sure you meet all city regulations on your conduct and your facility, etc. This is so important, because if you fail to meet regulations, not only will your licences be revoked, but you will be fined out the ass and possibly imprisones for endangering others with your possible fuckups, because you deal with chemicals.

Get certified to carry larger chemicals suppliers. Set up your website and email accounts etc. and set up a biz account with FedEx and/or UPS for instant pickups and deliveries etc.

Now you can take orders over your internet connection, and order most of the chems as you need them from your supplier. Keep a minimal inventory until you have cash to throw around to expand. As you grow, get a merchant account to accept credit cards, etc.

Its just like a normal business, but with more permits and paperwork.

Good luck, but seriously, no joke: Stay on the right side of the law, or you will go down.

I thought you worked at a pharmacy?


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
(Hive Bee)
03-14-02 20:50
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Well SWIM used to have the pharmacy gig but I got fired.
Not for diverting anything but they diddent like me.
They preferred the idiot girls over SWIM.  And SWIM
stands behind and infront of his sealed vessel nano.
Nothing bad happened and if your careful you too can do
it at home.  SWIM wasnt in the mood to make a p/p
(easy as it is) and just did it in a closed container.
And SWIM's a militia bee so that safty gear was actually
used.  Plus SWIM's gotta make some real money... pharmacy
gig sux 7 bux an hour.  LAME.  However SWIM did learn the
ins and outs of the Pharm. busisness (retail level).
So SWIM is for real so there.  Oh yeah back to that sealed
vessel nano..  it worked for me... your milage may vary..
why not do it an prove me wrong?

Seig Heil Uber Allies !
(Old P2P Cook)
03-14-02 22:54
No 282878
      Re: SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

Yeah, MaDMAx beat me to that comment.

Menthol_man, I thought you were expecting to be making something like $10,000/month from pills diverted from the pharmacy. So go get a job at another pharmacy and this time don't get fired.
(Hive Bee)
03-14-02 23:01
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SWIM found a very reliable method of getting whatever
SWIM wanted in the Schedule 4 and 3 family. BUT unless
e-bay lets Vicodin sales slip through SWIM cant get rid
of it fast enough.  I thought they would sell!  SWIM has
some buyers and it pays for lunch everyday wink but I
don't see myself getting rich of it anytime soon.
Unless I stumble on a scripts dealer but I dont think
thats in the cards.  SWIMS tryin hard to find a niche
that can bee filled legally so I can explain my new
found wealth and I wanted to have a bee friendly busisness.

Seig Heil Uber Allies !
(Distinctive Doe)
03-15-02 04:02
No 282966
      Re: SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

With statements like this

"SWIM found a very reliable method of getting whatever
    SWIM wanted in the Schedule 4 and 3 family."

You remind me of my good buddy Chemreak.

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
03-15-02 04:06
No 282970
      Re: SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

Was waiting for that one, wink LT/

(Hive Bee)
03-15-02 07:32
No 282996
      Re: SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

Oh GOD not im being compared to that bee... well
in swims parts the prescription pad for schedule 2
drugs are the same as everything else.  Swim just
scanned in black and white prescriptions and took
out the handwriting with adobe photoshop.  Re print
cut with cutting block.  Write it for whatever you want.
If you use it after 5 PM they cant call the doctors
office.  (Not that we ever did unless it was oxycontin)
But they have to give you your pills in an hour if
you ask.  So come back in an hour and your sittin pretty.
Im sure I could pass off schedule 2's but only the
pharmasist can dispence a schedule 2.  By going lower
the idiot "technicians" could fill it.  They would fill
anything.  It could bee on a cocktail napkin and they
would fill it (almost).  Swim wasnt too challenged on that
one.  But the pharmasist checks it when their done so its
almost the same in the end.  I've seen questionable shit
thtas under schedule 2 get by but it better bee really
black and white on the schedule 2 shit... They gotta
personally sign it out and open the safe and all that shit
(stopping what their doing) so its a pain.. So they are
more likely to hand it back and say they cant fill it
for whatever reason (beecause their lazy or overworked).
But swim couldnt pick out the fake script when put with
a bunck of good ones.  That just leaves the proper filling
of the script so here's your handy dandy guide to getting

Xanax 2 Mg.
1 P.O. BID
Disp : 60

Valium 10 Mg.
1 P.O. BID
Disp : 60

Lorcet 10/650
1 P.O. q 4hr
Disp : 40

Tylenol # 4
1 P.O. TID
Disp : 60
( Lorcet is Hydrocodone by the way )

Ok so what do we have here... xanax and valium are quite
similar they are both depressants and are in the same family
of drugs (benzodiapines)  Phentermine is a weaker version
of amphetamine for weight loss.  Lorcet is the most common
form of hydrocodone in swims area ( 650 with tylenol in it).
Just remember one script at a time and you dont have to
think about drug interactions.  Use a fake name of the
oppisite sex and say its your girlfriend / boyfriend
thats legal in SWIMS parts and pharmacies are plenty cool
with it.  Best part almost no one will call the police esp.
if its a large chain (around SWIMS parts)  I really pushed
for it to see if they would call but they wont!  Small
pharmacies do... but if you know what your doin your ok.
The biggest thing we look for is re writing the pad
to make the qunatity bigger so as long as its all the
same pen your ok

P.O. By mouth

BID  2X per day
TID  3x per day
QID  4x per day

q   every

hr  hour
am  morning
pm  evening
Disp:  quantity of drug.

So there SWIM knows his shit!

Seig Heil Uber Allies !
(Distinctive Doe)
03-15-02 12:09
No 283052
      Re: SWIM wants to open a Chem Co.  Bookmark   

Just giving you some shit, you seem to bee good at dishing out yourself tongue

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
(Chief Bee)
03-15-02 13:23
No 283090
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You seem to have a lot of projects going on - diverting scheduled pharmaceuticals, writing a book on how to make meth, becoming a crooked cop and now opening up a chem supplier business? Please get back to us when you have decided what to do with your life.