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03-15-02 06:19
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Hi, folks. I want to make some Shulgin's BOX-series substances. I have 2,5-dimethoxyphenylaminoethanol, prepared from Midodrine. How to methylate OH-group in this substance to produce 2,5,b-trimethoxyphenylethylamine?

And as alternative, how to reduct 2,5-dimethoxyphenylaminoethanol to produce 2C-H? J2 with phosphorus will ruin methoxy groups :(


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03-15-02 07:07
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Hey, Volkwink This has been just recently discussed in the Novel Discourse - i think the thread just went down, it was called "Midodrine: an easy 3-step way to 2C-B" - go ahead, read it.

I also asked the question about methylation of alcohols - but, i'm sorry to say that, no one bothered to reply.frownfrown Maybee someone will answer your postsmile...

My congartulations on your joining The Hive - i promise, you're going to like this place!


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03-15-02 15:57
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Shulgin's way of making the beta-alkoxy compounds is to add a sodium alkoxide to the corresponding nitrostyrene. Any alkylation that would alkylate an amino-alcohol would also alkylate the nitrogen.
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03-16-02 09:27
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Yeah, but in Midodrine the aminogroup is protected w/the amide function! So it shouldn't bee easily methylatable...

I can't believe noone on this board knows a single freaking way to methylate an aliphatic hydroxy!shocked Hey, dear chemists, can you lend us a hand? Please?