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03-15-02 19:03
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1/4 mol scale in a 250ml flask: 21.52g A.C.S. butyrolactone, 21.00g USP baking soda, 86.09g distilled water.

Flask was fitted with mag stirring and a reflux condenser for 2hrs. A sample was taken out, tested the pH and it was neutral.


The reaction was complete in less than 2 hours.

The reagents were mixed together as stated. The baking soda did not dissolve. As it was brought to a boil the reaction gave off CO2 as NaHCO3 turned to Na2CO3, H2O and CO2. Once it reached a boil the decomposition of NaHCO3 to Na2CO3 was done, and all of the solids in the flask were dissolved. The CO2 evolution slowed down, but was still present for another hour or two. The pH was tested, if there was any remaining Na2CO3 it would have turned phenolphthalein pink, it stayed clear. It was smelled, then tasted. Sure enough, it lost its smell of lactone and tastes salty.

Read Post 250972 (Chromic: "GHB from GBL & baking soda", Methods Discourse) for the inspiration for this post.
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03-15-02 21:36
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It's easier to make it with NaOH, isn't it ?
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03-16-02 02:06
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     Sunlight; it is easier to use NaOH, well faster anyway.  But it sure is WAY easier to pick up some Bicarb off the shelf in the grocery store.  smile  Swim cringes everytime he reads a bee using "Lye"!  Chromics method works like a charm with the Crockpot method.  Most of the bicarb is consumed after about 24hr reflux in the crockpot, and the 'tone smell is all but gone.  36hr (as recomended in the orig post) is a bit of overkill but at that mark all solvent smell is gone. 
     So yes NaOH is faster but not nearly as OTC.

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03-16-02 02:27
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03-16-02 04:44
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The beauty of this method is its speed and safety.

1) no hot concentrated base solution to deal with
2) not highly exothermic
3) it's relatively fast
4) it's nearly impossible to screw up the pH to a dangerous level
5) baking soda is food grade and intended for ingesting

I think this method really deserves proper mention in Rhodium's GHB faq. I know the first time I had GBL around, I was excited to try a reaction and used an unknown grade of NaOH in the synthesis and got some stomach pain on bioassay.

I never made that mistake again... but had I known of this synthesis it wouldn't have happened in the first place.
03-16-02 21:10
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If the body will synthesis GBL into GHB anyway, it this just to make it more "appetizing" - (for lack of a better term)?
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03-16-02 22:16
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CHROM-E... Do u feel this synth is better then The 1 I posted? Post 282856 (scarface: "GHB... A.k.A. Master-Blaster", General Discourse)... The end result is the same right?

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03-16-02 23:28
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Are you sure the products are GHB, CO2, H2O, and Na2CO3,  not NaGHB, CO2, and H20?

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03-17-02 00:42
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I think you misunderstood my poor explanation of the reaction. The overall rxn is:

2 NaHCO3 + GBL -(heat)-> NaGHB + H20 + CO2

The intermediate and stronger base, Na2CO3, is formed decomposition of baking soda in hot water. The bicarbonate ion formed by dissolving NaHCO3 is not stable in hot water... 2 HCO3- -> CO32- + H20 + CO2. And, it is the sodium carbonate that goes on to react with the GHB that is formed by the base promoted hydrolysis of GBL with water.

Btw, my reasoning to why using baking soda, is at the very least, a comparable method to using NaOH, is in the post right above the question. (some people...) Another factor is price and availability, NaHCO3 is often cheaper and is available at your supermarket or corner store, unlike ACS grade NaOH.
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03-17-02 05:57
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I didn't think that NaHCO3 efferfeced in only hot water.  Hmmmmmm....  I guess it's off to the kitchen to check it out.

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04-08-02 06:59
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SWIC's experience indicates that this method requires just 30 minutes of light reflux to finish!