Swift (Newbee)
03-19-02 20:55
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      DEA says this is 60-70x more potent than cocaine  Bookmark   

Here is the synthesis of 2-carboisopropoxy-3-phenyltropane.
(Chief Bee)
03-19-02 21:02
No 284946
      Re: DEA says this is 60-70x more potent than cocaine  Bookmark   

Search for "cocaine analog" in TFSE, and many more compounds will spring up - including a one-step synthesis from arecoline. Nice graphics however.
(Hive Addict)
03-20-02 08:52
No 285222
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did u see what the cursor says when you position on the synth>>??  Click on it.... lol

hmmmmm, didn't look like a dea site, except the guys title......

"The gods are too fond of a joke."  (Aristotle)

(Hive Bee)
03-20-02 09:22
No 285237
      oh yea!  Bookmark   

I clicked on one of the structures and was redirected to the author. A DEA agent no doubt! Now I got coodies in my computer!blushcrazymadKM

It is only a failure, if you fail to learn something!
(Chief Bee)
03-20-02 22:35
No 285497
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The author of that page is the same one as the Hedonistic Imperative - http://www.hedweb.com - and he's no DEA agent, that's for sure. The article at http://designer-drugs.com/synth/ is indeed written by a DEA Agent, but that article is also featured at ../rhodium/chemistry /future_drugs.html - does that make me a DEA agent too?

Don't forget to read http://www.opioids.com and all the links featured there, you'll have enough food for thought for many hours to come.