macraney (Stranger)
03-21-02 12:47
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swim has a mix of  P2P(BMK) in  MeOH (NH3 satured)with some was sitting for a while(month) and turned  light blue. does the "blue" affect/spoil the P2P(BMK). can he get it(the salt?) out,after vaporizing the MeOH and the NH3, by washing with a solvent (he can't dest. it ).

(Old P2P Cook)
03-21-02 17:55
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can he get it(the salt?) out
What salt?
(Hive Bee)
03-21-02 18:44
No 285924
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Filter, wash 2 times with acid wather, the two times with neutral wather. Then it's as clean as it gets without a destilation (god damm, get a destilation app.)
(Old P2P Cook)
03-21-02 19:48
No 285946
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He has a methanol solution so to wash with water he will have to add a lot of water to throw the ketone out of the methanol. Since he doesn't have the ability to distill perhaps he should just filter and use the solution as is - it would depend on the intended use.
03-21-02 19:52
No 285947
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must be a started to form while saturating the MeOH with NH3 in the present of CO2-fumes.he says that he used a copper stick to hold the sensing divice(for temp.control) when he saturated the MeOH with NH3. a blue salt form on the stick at the surface of the MeOH and got solved partly. swim is wondering as it turned more blue while "storage".could it be a NI-salt occurring.

03-21-02 19:59
No 285950
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hi hest, hi terbium ,
the guy says that he can get the MeOH and the NH3 off without (and the raney by filt.) but with what kind of acid wather(?) does he suggest to wash it.

(Hive Bee)
03-21-02 20:50
No 285971
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use 15%HCl to wash (wash three or four times)