wacko_reaco (Hive Bee)
03-21-02 20:19
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      MeAm from hexamine and HBr  Bookmark   

Would this work better than with HCl using normal conditions, any thoughts, is MeAM.HBr as deliquessiant as the chloride, is NH4Br soluble in water, i think i should get my CRC out

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03-22-02 10:41
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      HBr  Bookmark   

I believe it would be completele unnecessary to use HBr - as far as I know, the bromide salts are even more hygroscopic/water soluble.
03-23-02 16:40
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03-26-02 23:41
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      I think he's on the right track by trying to ...  Bookmark   

  I think he's on the right track by trying to think of a cleaner, less tedious way to make methylamine. Damn, ain't that ammonium cloride a bitch to separate from the goods. If there was an over-priced solvent that would take advantage of their differences, I'd definately buy it!cool

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03-27-02 04:44
No 288511
      MeOH works really well  Bookmark   

MeOH works very well to separate MeAmCl from AmCl. It's gives a decently pure MeAmCl, but most important, it's very efficient and easy to use. I've been procrastinating on doing a writeup for the hive... but the method is easy and works well.
(Old P2P Cook)
03-27-02 08:29
No 288552
      No solvent extraction necessary.  Bookmark   

Damn, ain't that ammonium cloride a bitch to separate from the goods.
I don't find it difficult. If you go through the proper stages of concentrating the aqueous reaction mixture and filtering off crops of ammonium chloride then when the methylamine hydrochloride crystallizes from the reaction mixture it will be sufficiently free of ammonium chloride that it won't need the "extraction with hot anhydrous alcohol" step.
(Hive Bee)
03-28-02 00:37
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it really would be a breeze, the ammonium bromide is soluble in acetone and ether. The whole mix could simply be roughly dehydrated on the rotovap then immersed in acetone. The only thing i don't know is if the meAm.HBr is also soluble in acetone, the hydrochloride salt is not, anyone know. I think the reaction would proceed better using HBr also. Might do a small trial, couldn't hurt.

wacka wacka wacka
(Old P2P Cook)
03-28-02 07:50
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      I would expect both to be soluble.  Bookmark   

Since ammonium bromide is soluble in acetone while ammonium chloride is not then I would expect methylamine.HBr to also be soluble in acetone.
03-29-02 23:58
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