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03-26-02 23:02
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SWIM was using 2.5% HCl to make HCl salts (in this case Ephedrine HCl (and all the other
ephedrine type salts that come out of Ma Huang)).  After the addition Ph dropped to 2.
All the freebase compounds would have been turned to the HCl salt.  Of course they
will be over exposed to HCl and be discolored when they evaporate.  So NaOH 5% was added
to compensate.   Ph was brought to slightly basic.  So SWIM was thinking of evaporating
the water solvent now to see what is there.  We should have :

Ephedrine Hcl , NaCl , NaOH (because it's ph8 there sould be some Lye in there).
I was thinking of following up with a solvent... Dont know what to use in this
case yet... have to check the Merck. (any suggestions)  This was done on a test tube scale...
Any predictions?  Anyone ever done it this way?  When the Water evaporates
the Ph changes and the salts come out like garbage.  Anyone reccomend a
different way to do this... imagine you have an unknown amout of Ephedrine
or psudoephedrine (very dilute) in water as the solvent.  Should freebase
be made and used... it skips a step.. but it reacts strongly so SWIM could compensate
by using I / hypophosphorus acid and refluxing for about 6 hours?
I know some of you gas the ephedrine.  How should SWIM do this...
Evaporate the water and comine the freebase in acetone and run a gas line
through the acetone?  I read that some other person did it that way.. but im
not sure if thats the best thing for SWIM to do.  Is is because freebase
Ephedrine soluable in Acetone but Ephedrine HCl non soluable.
(Dont know if thats true... just speculating)

edit : now that i have the freebase I dont want it... its like a stiff oil
kind of... I would rather have the HCl salt....  other beez woud prefer the HCl salt
03-27-02 07:54
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I had the same problem but think about it for 5 seconds,
do not add any naoh to your EphedrineHCL + water + HCL just set up destillation and ger gas wash tube at the end of it and let the fumes buble through a NaOH solution and the water / HCL fumes get dissolved/react with the NaOH and you have the pure EphedrineHCL

just beware of the sucking back when you are finished :-)
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03-31-02 09:33
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Coment on: "So NaOH 5% was added
to compensate.   Ph was brought to slightly basic." 
This is a great way to make verry expensive table salt! never fucking do this it is drug abuse.
If you must use HCL titration save off about 25% of the starting feed so when you add too much acid you can use it to bring the PH back up with out destroying any product. PH 5.5 is just about right but shoot for close it is going to change over time. Best was just gas it Fish pump and HCL Dwarfer style check it...

Don't look at me I didn't do it!