spaz (Stranger)
03-27-02 03:10
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Posted this in the newbee forum but rarely get replies to opiate related questions there.  Probably belongs here anyway...

My dawg Fido wants to make some oxycodone from the 14-hydroxycodeinone he found.  Fido has pd black and likes it cause it is easy to make and the precursor is easy to order since Fido thinks he is a photographer.  Fido could order pd/c but always like to keep chemical purchases to a minimum.  In this process, can pd black be substituted for pd/c?  Fido trying to make big leap of doggy logic here.  Is the difference simply in the surface area available on the catalyst?  That is the pd on the c is applied very thin hence you get more surface area per gr of pd?
(Hive Bee)
03-27-02 10:21
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The type of Pd you are using is usual not important, it's only the purity of the Pd whitch counts