neuromodulator (Stranger)
03-27-02 18:33
No 288788
      Reducing and then brominating Phenylephrine  Bookmark   

I can get tons of pure phenylephrine HCl powder.  (HI too.) Can I reduce the phenylephrine, then methoxylate it and then brominate it to get something good?  If so, what?  (3-methoxy-4-bromo-phenylethylamine?)
(Chief Bee)
03-27-02 22:27
No 288870
      N-methyl-PEA no good  Bookmark   

The compound is 1-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(methylamino)-ethanol. You can only remove the side chain hydroxy group through HI/P reduction (or any other ephedrine -> meth procedure), and even then the product is a N-methyl-phenethylamine, and I know of no such active compounds.