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03-28-02 04:01
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Has anyone ever had the balls to just go into one of these shops and ask for MH (ephedra) ?

Or do they only prescribe this herb after consultation ?

Would being overweight and wheezing a lot help them with their diagnosis ?

Are they expensive ?

Umm, how interesting !!
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03-28-02 05:59
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Done it, nuthin sketchy about it. Chineese peeps are quite cool, they just want your money. Kinda sucked cuz they didn't havbe a clue as to what I was talkin about.. I don't think they understood english all that well, all thye guy did was nod.

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03-29-02 13:49
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Nah, Chinese geezers r pretty cool, although if u aren't Chinese then u have got a pretty slim chance.  Get one of ur Chinese friends to go an get it - probably get it at a discount too.

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03-29-02 14:09
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      Mom-n-Pop Shops  Bookmark   

Old Skool Mom and Pop Shop Pharmacy's are the best when looking for that Hard to Find Cold remidy in easy to work with form. 

04-01-02 23:04
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      I went to one place that listed "Ma'huang" and a ...  Bookmark   

I went to one place that listed "Ma'huang" and a price on it's website with nothing about any restrictions and they wouldn't sell to me saying they only sell to acupuncturists and herbalists.  But I bet if I was Chinese I could have talked my way into some, especially if I went to a mom and pop type place rather than a wholesaler with a website.

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04-02-02 03:28
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I have often looked at these web sites selling herbs, they all seem to be wholesale only.

The sites that sell ephadra pills and the dried herb mail order to anybody, seem very over priced. Comparing there prices to the price of a packet of psuedo from the pharmacy, well the psuedo is cheaper !

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04-03-02 22:07
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      ma huang  Bookmark   

Pronounced "ma wong" (soft H), I have found the small shops to bee very expensive. Try a wholesales, and yes, use your Chinese pal as a front
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04-04-02 12:31
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      ephedra  Bookmark   

The store (herbal) down the street has it in huge fish
bowls.Its wait on yourself,as scale,scoop and bags are
right there.Also says its organically grown.What really
caught my eye was they had poppy seeds also.What I do not
understand is under the words poppy seeds it said
papaver soniferum which is the opium poppy and is illegal
I think.
Oh yah,price on E was 35 cents an ounce.
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04-04-02 14:17
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      Unregulated  Bookmark   

Herbalists tend to be fairly unregulated.  Particularly with Asians ones they use the Chinese names for treating diseases (alot of them wouldn't know what you were talking about if you asked for "ephedra" but would stock it under the Chinese name).  Same probably goes for the opium poppies (although I must confess that I am a bit suprised about this one).

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04-08-02 21:21
No 294304
      Opium poppy seeds are legal, since that don't ...  Bookmark   

Opium poppy seeds are legal, since that don't conatin any significant amounts of narcotics.
04-10-02 18:35
No 295028
      china towns !  Bookmark   

how does one even navigate and negotiate with chinese people ? when you don't even speak the language ! I guess get a friend, maybe look it up in chinese and go in and give them a piece of paper ! (post 2 of 10 and i won't be a stranger anymore wee)
04-10-02 18:55
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There's always someone around who speaks english..sometimes it's the kids...

Bensky has a book on chinese herbs, just go to ephedra sinesis and xerox the chinese characters on the page. You can cut it out, or just bring in the sheet, drop it on the counter and make motions for how much you want... the bags are usually kilo sized plastic, it comes as jointed stems.

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04-18-02 00:45
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      So I popped into the shop...  Bookmark   

Gathered all my might and went into a Chinese Herbal shop at the weekend, only to find out that they would not give me anything until I payed them 10 for a consultation.

Well I'm not bloody paying 10 for the slight chance that they might sell me some MH, bollocks to that idear, psuedo here I come !

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