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03-28-02 04:31
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Clearlight in unpacking the garage, found the handheld spectrophotometer that was purchased for field tests of psychoactive plant tryptamines in south america.  Now that some pure goods have arrived, it was thought that creation of a "Standard" would be a good idea for future explorations etc... that way one could tell whether or not the Butane through the MHRB just defatted it, or active compound was extracted. Using erlich's solution as the color visualization aid, what is the usual ratio of compound to solvent for a good tryptamine standard? 
What solvent is usually used?
Lastly, for spectrophotometry, does the extraction solvent need to be the same as the Standard's solvent?

  All results of course, will be posted here for the benefit of all...

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03-28-02 05:08
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Dude, this should be posted on the tryptamine forum
 cuz me and Probably 3/4 newbies don't know shit about
"Erlich's Solution", etc...
 But this sounds pretty cool otherwise, and will probably
 be recieved gladly over there.
  We's all doing our parts here, now a days!wink

CG I miss you sweety, I really do.
03-28-02 09:07
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Yes, but since it was a rather elementary question, I thought this would be the appropriate spot for it... however if the HiveMasters consider that the appropriate forum, then I'm up for a move..

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