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03-29-02 07:01
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      Sodium Hypophosphate in large qty.  Bookmark   

SWIM has been looking around for some Sodium Hypophosphate
to turn into Hypophosphorus.  SWIM can only find dealers
that sell in *INSANE* quantity.  I mean unless they deliver
2200 Kilos they're not intrested.  Everyone tells me this is
one of the more exotic materials for Electroless Nickel
Plating.  Any tips for swim to get like 2 Kilos?  If I did
take up one of these major dealers up on their offer would
the DEA go nuts?  Do they really look at Sodium
Hypophosphate as a Meth precursor?  (I mean like Iodine and
Red Phosphorus)  I did find another source that might bee
able to let me slide with 25 Kilos but its a special order.
Does SWIM HAVE to setup a company to get this (if these
inductrial companies get all fidgety about selling small
amounts to " Motorcycle Restoration Enthusasts " wink )
Does this exist Oover The Counter somewhere?

I wish I could afford the BIG qty they wanna sell me...
maybee after I get it all together I can afford to drop
a few bucks on a few hundred Kilos smile  That should
last me forever cool !

Thanks laugh

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(Distinctive Doe)
03-29-02 07:20
No 289372
      wrong name  Bookmark   


Its now a scheduled precursor.

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03-29-02 11:25
No 289440
      Shit  Bookmark   

God Damnit!  I just checked and your right.
SWIM's been searching High and Low for A Reducing agent.
Thanks for pointing out the typo.  SWIM may have to resort
to Birch and thats a bitch wink.  Thanks for the help.

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