justme (Stranger / Eraser)
03-31-02 05:30
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      what kinda water pump?  Bookmark   

I know this sounds stupid, but... I've got all this nice glassware but I don't know what kinda pump I need to circulate water through my condensors. 
Kinda like having money but can't find any dope. 
03-31-02 06:59
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      water pump  Bookmark   

aquarium type water pump.laugh
03-31-02 07:28
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      pump  Bookmark   

Swim uses a submersible pump to circulate the water. Works fine.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
(Master Searcher)
03-31-02 07:59
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      Little Giant  Bookmark   

I've used a small Little Giant for a long time until the impeller broke.

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(Hive Bee)
03-31-02 08:10
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      How strong is the output from one of these ...  Bookmark   

How strong is the output from one of these aquarium pumps, strong enough to run an aspirator/waterjet from?
(Old P2P Cook)
03-31-02 08:54
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      Different uses, different pumps.  Bookmark   

No, these pumps that are being suggested for circulating cooling water would not work for powering a water aspirator.
(Hive Bee)
03-31-02 14:37
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      chekit  Bookmark   

Look for model 4k901 -(**70e)

Its prolly the best one out there..

or you could go to bhlah blah and get a pond pump. I think swims does like 40 gallons an hour or sumthin liek that.

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(Hive Bee)
04-01-02 01:09
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      Water jet  Bookmark   

If you are looking for a pump for an aspirator get a jacuzzi pump. One of the high horsepower ones and you can get a vacuum pull that will suffice for preety much evrything you will do.
(Hive Bee)
04-02-02 04:49
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      water pumps..  Bookmark   

Julia has come to the conclusion that water temperature is more important in pulling a strong vac than the volume pumped/minute..

SWIM's faucet doesn't pump that much water in that much time.. But as long as the temp is cold, her vac is OK..

Rather than going for the biggest, strongest water pump out there to create a vac, just make sure your water bath is well stocked with ice..  Julia say's that will get you a stronger vac.

(Hive Bee)
04-02-02 08:35
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      Cold water  Bookmark   

Instead of using a faucet make the aspiratior station. You can set one up and if you do it right you can make all your hooses(Use pipe instead) holding tank etc can be designed to maximize flow and also to keep water cool. You can have a copper tub and run your pump through that and throw some ice blocks in there or a million other things you can engineer you can have ice cold water along with extremmly good water pressure.
(Hive Addict)
04-03-02 21:57
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      pupmupthejam  Bookmark   

  For circulating, yes a little giant from hydroponics store. Ver reliable. For aspirator, fill bathtub with cold water and icebergs. Use a submersible sump pump: cheap and powerful.